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      Pop Daddy

      Mark Sarafa has been in the Food and Beverage Industry since the age of 13 and has had an addiction to popcorn for as long as he can remember. At one point, a few years back, he and his family were eating microwave popcorn almost every evening. He then read several articles about the dangers of microwave popcorn, so he started popping his own at home. Then, he started experimenting with different oils and kernels. When his niece gave him some locally grown Red Kernels to pop, he had an "Ah Ha!" moment. It was delicious.

      Soon, friends and neighbors started asking him to make it for birthday parties, graduation parties, etc. So, he went and bought a bigger popper, which prompted his wife to move him from the basement to the garage because the house always smelled like popcorn. After giving away popcorn for almost 2 years, his wife and kids suggested they sell it. Under the Michigan Cottage Food Law, they created some labels and began selling the popcorn on the weekend at different events around town. Even though Mark was working full time, his wife Erin wanted to continue to do this to show their children what it’s like to start and run your own business. So, in January of 2012, POP DADDY was officially incorporated and their journey began. They've come a long way since then, but Mark believes that they are just "getting things Poppin!".