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      Walker's Hollow - Soy Candle & Air Freshener Company

      First let me say…..
      I love candles, Always have, Always will.
      In the late 90’s I was thoroughly fed up with the lack of scent in the candles I was buying and thought “I can make a better candle then that”.  So off to the craft store I went and bought a paraffin wax candle making kit.  Those candles were pretty bad, but I kept at it. I needed better materials.  After some research, I changed to soy wax, hemp wicks and high quality essential & fragrance oils, I was soon making excellent candles that I was proud to share with friends & family. All of this led to Walker’s Hollow. The name pays homage to my Father and the land he grew up on in Western Kentucky. My Father instilled in me the qualities that took a dirt poor farmer to the US Army and then to Detroit where he and his wife provided their children with the tools needed to be successful in life…integrity & hard work.  Here at The Hollow, everything is hand crafted in small batches and tested thoroughly.
      We are looking forward to putting a smile on your face soon.
      Shannon - Walker's Hollow

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